Friday, March 18, 2011

Learning Bank # 18

Roles and Function of an Educational Media Center

->The Educational Media has a big function to learn because it can used more to explore the knowledge of a student.It can used more for the students who wants to learn more and more.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Learning Bank # 17

Assessment in a constructivist technology supported learning

->By a constructivist learning it is supported by a technology the constructivist invent it by a technology they make it to be useful in the country, they make it also to be in learning process.

Learning Bank # 16

Using the project-based learning multimedia as a teaching strategy

->In every lesson the teacher has a strategy to the class or assessment in order that the learning of a student is being measured by a teacher, that's why in teaching strategy of a multimedia based in a project learning is very useful or learning's.

Learning Bank # 15

Project-based learning and multimedia

-> Project-based learning and multimedia because it is very useful to all people the inventor invent it to be easy to the people to used..making a project by multimedia is a very challenging to us a student who are taking this subject.

Learning Bank # 14

Maximizing the use of the overhead projector and chalkboard

->Overhead projector is useful not only to the teacher but also to the students because they invented it to be easy to perform or present well the discussion o report/ it is a substitute to a chalkboard.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Learning Bank # 13

Teaching with Visual Symbols

->Visual symbols can give idea to the students if what the teacher representing in his/her lesson teacher used this for giving idea to the students and visual symbols can represent as a substitute of a model of the thing that they talk or said in the discussion.

Learning Bank # 12

The power of film, video and TV in classroom

->Film, video and TV has a big power in the classroom because it can give easily an idea of the students if they watch the said activity,in the film and video we have a lots of learning their for example and educational movie they can store memories or idea from the movie, that's why this 3 have a big power in the classroom.